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The fast path to getting published. Today’s Bloggers are tomorrow’s authors. Learn directly from a fast growing publisher!

Objective of class

To teach others how to create & publish content online, and promote both themselves and their work most effectively. New technology has eliminated barriers to getting published and the traditional publishing model is disappearing fast. Technology and the way people get information has created a whole host of new challenges and opportunities. Many authors who historically have gone the traditional route are now opting to publish their content online to reach a larger audience. The flood gates have opened to allow today’s bloggers to become tomorrow’s authors thanks to low cost ‘print-on-demand’ options that have finally come down and a growing demand for ebooks made possible by the proliferation of eReaders.

History of prior classes taught:

  • Taught ‘Blogging for fun & profit’ 3x for the Fort Collins Recreator.
  • I have personally consulted & led over 20 authors through the process of becoming a published author at

Concise course description:

The fastest path to getting published is becoming the only path to getting published. You will learn to build an online presence, loyal community & raving fans through blogging.  Learn directly from a fast growing micro-niche publisher who is in the trenches of the rapidly changing publishing industry. From eBooks to printed books, welcome to the future of publishing.

Extended Description:

Authorpreneur Brian Schwartz has published over 20 authors in the past 12 months. Learning some expensive lessons along the way, he aims to help others avoid the same mistakes to reap the rewards of becoming an author. Even if you are uncertain about what you will write about, he provides a blueprint you can adopt the moment inspiration calls!

Students will learn: How to define a marketable niche and become a recognized expert. How to setup a blog to build a community. Things to consider before you begin writing: the importance of writing for headlines and sound bites…leading to free publicity for yourself and your book.  Special considerations for cover design and interior layout. Different book formats. How to get your book onto Amazon and available on Kindle.  Pros & cons of ebooks. Finding new markets for your book.

The flood gates have opened allowing today’s bloggers to become tomorrow’s authors  thanks to low cost ‘print-on-demand’ options and a growing demand for ebooks made possible by the proliferation of eReaders. If you want to make yourself indispensible in any field, this course will teach you how to build an online community, raving fans, and put you on the fast track to credibility.

Date & Times of class: s) of the week preferred: Tuesdays, 6-7pm, Sept. 21-Oct. 19 (5 sessions). 6-7pm.

Location: Fort Collins, CO Senior Center and online.

Course fee: $61 (in-person classroom), $37 (online only)

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