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Adding Video to your wordpress blog (part 1)

by brian on August 18, 2010

A question that often comes up for bloggers is how to get your videos up on your wordpress site. Here are some options I’ve used:

1. If the video is shorter than 10 minutes, the quickest & most effective way is to use YouTube. Then you embed the video from youtube using the embed code they provide and dropping that code into your html tab within your post.

2. If your video is longer than 10 minutes, check out some of the other video services like vimeo or There are a lot of new ones popping up everyday (please add any good ones you know of in the comment box below). Most of them have free accounts but do impose upload or streaming limitations.

The drawback to using most of the free services is that by accepting the terms and conditions, you are under most cases releasing your video into the public domain. If you choose to host the video on your own site (which is nice if you want to password protect your video), then I recommend you first convert your video to flash (.flv) and then use the flv embed plug in for wordpress.

If you need a tool to create the video, you might want to check out Instant Video Generator. And if you want to learn how the pros are doing it, be sure to read the great book Video Marketing Pioneers, featuring interviews with some of today’s most successful video marketers.

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